Bain MBA interns for alumni startups

Bain MBA interns for alumni startups


AlumniStartups is working with Bain towards providing heavily subsidised Bain MBA interns to Bain alumni startups. Details are below. Could you please feed back your thoughts and/or register your interest with Edgar Martinez Ceja (AlumniStartups chapter coordinator in NYC) who is leading this initiative.

The Concept: 

Bain would subsidise Bainie MBAs to do their summer internships at startups led by Bainies. The startup would benefit from high quality resources at low cost.

If you would like to be one of the benefitting startups, please let us know through this link Edgar’s email is

Please note that this initiative is not official yet but understanding the level of interest from startups will help us push it along further.

The Details:

The program is to provide opportunities for SACs/Consultants sponsored by Bain for B-School to intern at startups led by Bainies. 

·          Bain will provide an economic incentive to SACs/Consultants to enable internships that would not happen otherwise due to lack of resources from the startups. The size of the economic incentive will depend on start-up size and growth stage, and its capability (or lack of) to pay a salary 

·          Bainie commits to go back to Bain for a prearranged period of time

·          Startup agrees a number of terms with Bain (around not poaching the intern and those sorts of things) 

Let us know your thoughts.

Greg Lavery & Edgar Martinez Ceja